Image of Magdelena Augustine

Magdalena Augustine

Sugar Land, Texas

The University of Texas at Austin

“For the past two years, I’ve gone through the process of tackling a chronic disease and fighting to accept myself with a skin condition. Throughout this process, the support of individuals and organizations, like the ASPIRE HIGHER Scholarship Program, has made that fight so much easier.”

Image of Rachel Lim

Rachel Lim

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Brown University

“I’m honored to receive one of the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarships and thrilled to continue my education at Brown University with the support of Ortho Dermatologics. I’ve lived with eczema my whole life so it’s encouraging to see others take a moment to recognize that struggle and actively support so many students who are facing similar challenges.”

Image of Aimee Milota

Aimee Milota

Elk Grove, California

Grand Canyon University

“Ever since being diagnosed with Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) at sixteen months old, I have become a strong, self-sufficient, and driven patient advocate. Now, thanks to the support from the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship, I’m one step closer to achieving my goals.”

Image of Ryan Rossow

Ryan Rossow

Manhattan Beach, California

Vanderbilt University

“Thank you, Ortho Dermatologics, for the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship and continued commitment to supporting those with skin conditions. It was with the help of a dermatologist that I have been able to learn how to live with my own condition and pursue my dream of becoming a doctor.”

Image of Grace Yockey

Grace Yockey

Edmonds, Washington

Western Washington University

“I am forever grateful for the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship and the dermatologists who have not only helped treat my skin condition but have showed me the beauty and uniqueness of my skin.”


Image of Elisabeth George

Elisabeth George

Poquott, New York

Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

“Thank you, Ortho Dermatologics, for developing the ASPIRE HIGHER Scholarship Program and continuing to support those living with skin conditions. Although my skin condition has been a burden, it has also been a blessing that I now get to share with the world.”

Image of Eunice Ko

Eunice Ko

Galveston, Texas

The University of Texas Medical Branch

“I often joke that my experience with dermatologic conditions is ‘half responsible’ for my life’s ambitions. I am deeply thankful to the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship for supporting me as I enter my fourth year of medical school and pursue a career in caring for others.”

Image of Christopher Yao

Christopher Yao

Jericho, New York

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

“I am incredibly grateful for the support of the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship.”

Today's Woman

Image of Marianne Tanada

Marianne Rose Tanada

Henderson, Nevada

Harvard Business School

“Being a woman often comes with its own unique set of struggles—my skin condition being one of them. Thanks to the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship I can now put one struggle aside and concentrate on my education.”