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Image of Robin Cadd

Robin Cadd

Sierra Madre, California

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

“My skincare challenges have taught me that seemingly insurmountable difficulties can be transformed into manageable opportunities for personal growth, as well as avenues to empathize with and help others. I am grateful to the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship for its generous contribution in allowing me to continue to grow and to reach out to others as I pursue my dream of higher education.”

Image of Stephanie Pham

Stephanie Pham

Temecula, CA

Arizona State University

“Winning this scholarship has meant so much to me because my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis has been a huge part of my life. For once instead of it hindering my life, it has helped me with winning the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship from Ortho Dermatologics. With this scholarship, it will be less of a burden in chasing my passion and dreams, which is to earn my degree in nonprofit leadership management and help be a resource for other children with skin disease. Thank you, Ortho Dermatologics!”

Image of Kayla Scott

Kayla Scott

Esmont, Virginia

North Carolina A&T State University

“My struggles with eczema will not define who I am or what I will accomplish. This scholarship allows me to continue to fight for my dream: pursuing a higher education!”


Image of Saiaditya Badeti

Saiaditya Badeti

Plainsboro, New Jersey

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

“I am incredibly thankful for being selected as a recipient of the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship. The generosity of Ortho Dermatologics will allow me to delve deeper into my research career as a PhD student investigating treatment strategies for cancer.”

Image of Astrid Guevara

Astrid Guevara

Baytown, Texas

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

“Thanks to this scholarship, I can now turn my experience with a painful skin disease into something positive and help others who are suffering through similar issues. I can focus less on paying for medical school and more on becoming the best physician I can be for my patients and their families.”

Image of Maura Vrabel

Maura Vrabel

Raleigh, North Carolina

North Carolina State University (Joint Department with UNC Chapel Hill)

“I am truly grateful to be named a scholarship recipient. It is an honor that not only recognizes the medical struggles I have overcome, but also the professional sacrifices I make as a graduate research assistant in order to advance science and develop new therapies. I want to thank my mother, who has supported me with love through all the stages of my condition.”

Today's Woman

Image of Marissa Hunter

Marissa Hunter

Vancouver, Washington

California Baptist University

“Thank you so much for the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship. With this money I can pursue my passion of engineering.”

Image of Camilla Marshall

Camilla Marshall

Bowie, Maryland

Johns Hopkins University

“I am teaching my sons to never give up on their dreams. With this monetary support, my sons are watching my dreams come to fruition. Now, I am beginning a wonderful journey as a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins University. I am overwhelmingly thankful for this generous scholarship.”

Image of Caitlin Sanner

Caitlin Sanner

Wellington, Colorado

Front Range Community College

“This scholarship opens the door to pursue my dream. I am so excited to enter the medical field and change the world. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.”