2018 Scholarship Recipients


Photo of 2018 Undergraduate Winner Jayla Chanel Davis
Jayla Chanel Davis

Alabaster, Alabama

University of South Alabama

“Receiving this scholarship means I can go to my dream school, the University of South Alabama. If you think you or your story isn’t good enough, apply for the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship anyway because someone will prove you wrong!”

Photo of 2018 Undergraduate Winner Mary Margaret Jordan
Mary Margaret Jordan

Melissa, Texas

Baylor University

“This scholarship will allow me to pursue and better afford my educational goals!”

Photo of 2018 Undergraduate Winner Daisy Pena
Daisy Pena

San Jose, California

California State University Long Beach

“I feel so blessed to be selected for such an amazing opportunity. I’m so close to my dreams and I couldn’t be happier.”


Photo of 2018 Graduate Winner Caitlin Parker
Caitlin Parker

Taylorsville, Utah

Roseman University of Health Sciences - College of Dental Medicine

“It is amazing to know that positive opportunities, such as the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship, can stem from the negatives I experienced in my past that were directly linked to having such a compromised complexion. I am so honored to be one of the 2018 selectees for this prestigious scholarship and am thrilled to now have the chance to spread the news of this wonderful scholarship to other aspiring students!”

Photo of 2018 Graduate Winner Zoe Smith
Zoe Smith

Ferndale, Michigan

Wayne State School of Medicine

“I am so grateful for this generous contribution towards my medical education, allowing me to focus fully on clinical research and patient care.”

Photo of 2018 Graduate Winner Niki Vora
Niki Vora

Buena Park, California

UC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical Program

"This scholarship is incredibly meaningful for me; not only does it generously aid in my educational pursuits, it values the experiences I had as an adolescent with skin conditions which have irrevocably shaped me into who I am today.”

Today's Woman

Photo of 2018 Today's Woman Winner Elizabeth Hendrix
Elizabeth Hendrix

Holladay, Utah

University of Utah

“I am so grateful for the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship. With it, I can begin to make my dream of teaching and researching to improve lives a reality.”

Photo of 2018 Today's Woman Winner Jennifer Hurley
Jennifer Hurley

Hammonton, New Jersey

Fairleigh Dickinson University

“Balancing the demands of being a single mom and going back to school is not an easy feat. This scholarship not only provides me with the opportunity to pursue my Master’s Degree, but lessens the financial stress of doing both at the same time.”

Photo of 2018 Today's Woman Winner Laura Lukens
Laura Lukens

Evanston, Illinois

Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management

“This scholarship is making it easier for me to pursue my graduate studies and I'm incredibly grateful for the support.”